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A gyártó: La Cividina

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It is a wall though it is as light as air… light, impalpable, ethereal.

Babini Office’s new partition wall is called ARIA and is something more than just one of the four elements. Elegance and lightness, the essence of material itself is the evolution of the partition wall. The new wall derives from the need to create gracefully discreet areas, offices designed to promote interaction but that always ensure maximum privacy. Creating a partition by playing with transparencies and introducing new extremely refined glass finishes: Europe grey and Bronze.
And it is precisely the combination of transparencies and the minimalist lines that give a luminous and detailed touch to the essential nature of the office. Imagine a wall that doesn’t look like a wall, or a partition that exists but which you cannot see, something ethereal, light, fluid, and luminous.

This is ARIA!